Dear Traveler if you want to travel to Cusco, TRIPGO suggests some activities that you could do on your next trip, they are optional tours that will make your visit unforgettable. I have the joy of being born in Cusco, so with double motive we recommend you read us and schedule a trip to Cusco with TRIPGO soon.

1. Ride a bike

We can rent bicycles to walk around the city or the Sacred Valley. Can you imagine cycling through Urubamba !!! Test your endurance and fitness.

2. Maras y Moray in four-wheelers

We offer you this exciting trip, designed for adventure lovers like you !!

We start the tour with the hotel pick-up and then go on our transport for approximately 50 minutes to the town of Cruzpata where we will have a practice of 10 to 15 minutes until passengers are ready to start the tour.

We will start the tour with the ATVs to the experimental terraces of Moray; then towards the Salineras. In this tour we can appreciate the snow of La Verónica and the snow of Chichón accompanied by a magical landscape in contact with nature and some residents of the area.

After finishing our circuit we will go to the town of Cruzpata, where the transport that will take us back to the city of Cusco awaits us.

3. Trekking  to the mountain of colors

If you are a landscape lover and you are in good physical condition to walk, you will love this activity.

There are only three mountains of colors with these characteristics: In China, Argentina and Peru (Cusco). The colors are due to the minerals in the region. The tour starts at 3 am and ends at 18: hours approx.

During this walk there are stunning views of agricultural terraces, canyons and snowy mountains. You will be able to observe herds of alpacas and llamas on the road, also obtaining beautiful views of the Ausangate snowy mountain. After a walk of approximately 3.5 hours, we will finally reach our destination, Vinicunca the Rainbow Mountain (5,020 m / 16,466 ft.); We will have an hour to enjoy, take pictures of the natural landscape and enjoy our snack.

At the indicated time we will begin the return, the walk will take us about 2.5 hours to return to the starting point, where our private transport awaits us that will take us back to the town of Pitumarca to take our lunch. After lunch, we will undertake the 3-hour trip back to the city of Cusco, where we will arrive at approximately 6:00 p.m.

In case you can’t walk, they offer you horses..

4. Launch the highest Bungge in America (122 meters) or Practice Slingshot (125 meters)

The company that does it is ActionValley and the cost includes transportation to the place and a t-shirt. If you want photos and videos an additional charge is charged. TRIP GO will take care of buying your tickets.

The Bungee Jump is the tallest in America. This activity is carried out from a booth that goes up to 122m. high by the action of a hydraulic winch. The jump is made with a special elastic league for this type of activities that is secured at the feet of the extreme athlete.

The Slingshot or catapult, is the opposite of the bungee Jump. The customer must use equipment and harnesses similar to bungee jump. The user is catapulted from the floor with a special system of ropes or leagues that stretch.

The speed with which the user is catapulted depends on the stretching of the league.

Once the league is stretched to the desired level at the client’s free choice, it is shot into the air at an elevation and angle determined by the technical team and designers of the system.

5. Inkariy Museum: A tour of the main pre-Columbian civilizations

This visit is ideal to go with Children. In this walk you will be able to know the different cultures in their original spaces, it can be known from Caral, Chavín, Paracas, Mochica, Nazca, Wari, Chimú and other Andean and coastal civilizations.

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