1. Beautiful beaches.

For us the best beaches in Peru. Its waters are warm, you can dive, sea fishing, swim with turtles or just sunbathe.

2. It has sun all year.

No matter what month you come you will always have good weather. The temperature ranges from 26 to 35 degrees.

3. Variety of hotel offer for all budgets.

4. Gastronomy

Undoubtedly, the piuranos cebiches are unique, the dry of chavelo, not to mention, the green tamalitos are to be asked for by mouth, the sweat of cashmere and the majao of cassava. The restaurants we recommend:

  • La Tomasita
  • The stadium
  • Ancora pastas lasagñas ravioles
  • Don Parce Para carnes
  • El Ajicito
  • Pedrito
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